Homemade Banana Pudding

OK…T Hollis has stepped up to the plate and posted a made-from-scratch banana pudding in retaliation to Paula Dean’s instant version. Let’s take up the challenge and make it from scratch! If you feel so inclined, try subbing the Chessmen cookies for the vanilla wafers. 🙂

T Hollis

I am still amazed/appalled that “professional” cooks who have magazines & television shows & laud & honor use boxes of pudding mix to make what is called homemade puddings or pies.

Food Network

Dessert pudding is simple – a sweet milk sauce, just like making a savory sauce/gravy, the ingredients vary little.

A thickener – in this case, flour. A liquid – milk. This “sauce” has little fat & uses eggs, which can be tricky when adding them to an already-cooking mixture.

Stop buying boxes on Franken-foods & try your hand at from-scratch. You’ll be glad you did!

Banana Pudding

From-Scratch Banana Pudding

My very old, original Banana Pudding recipe which I prepared for DH when we first married almost 35 years ago, this is not. He said it tasted even better than his Big Mama’s (grandmother) – what a smart young man he was!
However, this pudding, like most homemade puddings, can even…

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